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Space Law Centre

Space Law Centre is the largest in the world database of Space Law & Policy related issues. It contains legal instruments and important policy documents at the international, regional and national level. It includes case law from different jurisdictions, as well as links to relevant publications, such as books and articles. 

The Centre promotes international collaboration by providing information about space law and policy related institutions, including universities, law firms, space agencies, organisations, and many more. Moreover, the database

includes calendar of important events, and relevant industry news.

The Space Law Centre seeks to support education, disseminate knowledge and encourage the research. It offers education opportunities by providing information about fundamental space law and policy issues. Moreover, it is currently the only Centre in the world offering a high-quality, rigorous Online Course in Space Law & Policy.

The Centre embraces intercultural collaborative learning. It is currently run in English language. The database will be translated into other languages as well.


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